I'm a software engineer currently working on location-based applications.

This is my small website where you can find some of my personal projects.



Centroid similarity index
Python module for calculating the centroid similarity index values for two clustering solutions. It is used for comparing the point-level similarity between two solutions.

Gaussian cluster generator
A small Python-based cluster generator I wrote for my own research purposes. Creates random, two-dimensional Gaussian clusters based on the given parameters, and saves them into text files. No external dependencies, but optionally uses matplotlib to visualize the output.

JavaScript Clustering Visualizer
A simple tool written in JavaScript that can be used to visualize clustering. Currently only supports k-means as an algorithm.

Density-based clustering software
A program written in C that implements a density-based random swap algorithm. This modified version of the random swap clustering algorithm calculates weights for each centroid based on densities of the clusters. The distances from centroids to vectors are then calculated as weighted distances. Used in my Master's thesis.


A time tracking tool. Can be used to keep track of tickets you've been working on. Includes ability to export the tracked times to a CSV file.

Poker hand evaluator
A small poker hand evaluator written in Java. Implements a relatively fast 5-card hand evaluator for calculating the values of poker hands. Specifically, it implementss the well-known evaluator described by Kevin Suffecool, with the perfect hash optimization by Paul Senzee.

A small utility script for Slackware, for fetching a SlackBuild and the associated source tarball. It's a small tool that leaves you in charge of the creation and installation of the Slackware package.

Older projects


This is a quick and dirty remote console client for the game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars by Splash Damage. It can be used to remotely send commands to an ETQW server. The game is dead nowadays, so there's not much use for it.

A small Python script for remotely controlling Enemy Territory: Quake Wars servers.

Python module for querying Enemy Territory: Quake Wars servers.


A quick and dirty Python script for scraping your listened track data from Last.fm. Probably doesn't work anymore since both Last.fm and Python have changed significantly since then.

A tiny IRC bot I wrote centuries ago when Python 2.5 was still the latest and greatest. Use at your own risk.

Other public projects